​​Why You Should Do New Habits First thing in the Morning

by Self-Care Tips

So, now that we are a month into 2022: Let me ask you: Are you struggling to stick to a self-care routine or any routine for that matter? Is it a month into the new year and you are OVER your goals?  

Commonly, I hear busy people overachieve on goal setting; and they end up not sticking to some of the stuff they originally set out to for a plethora of reasons but mostly because they focus on too much stuff at once and don’t prioritize right. 

Why do you struggle to stick to a habit?

  • Overextending yourself.
  • Setting too many goals at once.
  • Not solidifying one goal before moving to the next. 
  • Picking habits people tell you to do NOT that you WANT to do.
  • Not having a plan.
  • Not tracking your habits.
  • And many more…

So, how do you make sticking to a habit easier? Here is my first tip on that front. DO IT FIRST. 

Why do the hard thing first/do it first thing in the AM?

A good way to stick to a habit is simply to focus on one thing at a time…. And do that thing first. SO, I recommend for any person starting a new habit, get it done straight away. 


Do it first thing in the morning. We, as humans, can procrastinate the heck out of things, and forget to do them or talk ourselves out of it. DO IT FIRST. Excuses need time to build up, and we fuel the fire of excuses by waiting too long. 

You will feel so BAD ASS getting it done. Seriously.

We are more energized in the AM. Most busy, burnt out people got a todo list out the WHAZOO – so, it is best to tack this on in the beginning.

It sets the best tone for the mood of the rest of the day – did you know that what you do in the first 30 minutes of your day is how the rest of your day will go and feel? If you spend the first 30 minutes on your phone, or rushing, or hectic – that is the tone you set…. Zoned out, thinking of others, and feeling rushed. 

Life happens. And life is less likely to happen first thing in the AM. Usually, it is your mom calling at 12 or your work meeting ran long or you got out of work late or a client ran late… and then you no longer have time. Doing things first thing in the morning eliminates that possibility. 

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