Why A Morning Routine is the Best Form of Self-Care

by Self-Care Tips

Do you have a morning routine? My guess is that you do not have one that is self-care focused if you are burnt out, overworked and extremely busy. A lot of high achieving, ambitious go-getters, end up burning out because they are not taking care of themselves. They are not filling their own cup (actually, more times than not, they are deliberately avoiding their own cup… more on that later).

Oftentimes achievers feel like they are stretched so thin and have so much to do that they end up compromising their own time and health. And let’s be honest with ourselves: What is more important than your health?  

Let’s pull from personal experience on this one because most of us like a story to paint a picture: When I worked at the FBI, I would get up earlier, go to the gym earlier, and go to work earlier simply to get more done…and then I’d end up staying later at the office… I started feeling more and more frantic. 

What did this teach me? That I will always try to squeeze more in if I priortize everyone else but myself. 

I also learned that time becomes stretchy when we put ourselves into it… and one great way to do that is to incorporate a morning routine.

A lot of burnt out busy overworked people do not have a morning routine and it is a huge mistake. This is the number one thing that people should start with if they are trying to implement self-care. 

Worried that your routine won’t be something you will stick to or you have tried in the past and failed? It is likely because you don’t make it enjoyable. I spoke to a couple clients about this recently – we won’t do things if they bring about more pain than pleasure. So, simply put: Make it fun. Make it something that you are going to enjoy and look forward to everyday, and nothing that you HAVE to do. When you do that, it makes it more sustainable.

So, let’s dive in shall we?

Key Reminder #1 for setting up your perfect morning routine: If you start your day absolutely frantic, your whole day will go that way. So why not start the day focused on you in a way that is calm and peaceful? Peace will go forward with you for the rest of your day NOT frantic feelings. Another point in this realm is that if you try to force too much in, you will then feel frantic again.  

Things You Can Include in a Morning Routine:

1) Skin care, beauty care, or other spa-like activities

2) Coffee/Tea/Beverage of your choice that makes you happy 

3) Reading a book  

4) Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or other puzzle-like activities

5) Journaling, writing, poetry

6) Meditation

7) Exercise or physical activity 

8) Walking pets

9) Step outside for some sunlight

10) Podcast or Audiobook

11) Calming Music

12) A game

Key Reminder #2 for setting up your perfect morning routine: Ditch your phone. Do not look at it for the first hour of your day. What happens here is twofold: 1) Your intention gets directed away from you and 2) You inject too much into your mind too quick.

Key Reminder #3 for setting up your perfect morning routine: You don’t have to wake up early to do it. You just need to wake up with enough time. There is no need to force 5AM if you only need to be up at 6:30AM to make it happen. Again, focus on feeling good! 


Worried about how to start a morning routine? Pick one thing that is easy for you to do and start it today.

If you’re not convinced yet that a morning routine is important, check out all the people that inspire you that are super successful, see how many of them have a morning routine… I bet all of them.


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