Do you Know When to Stop?

by Self-Care Tips

Hey all it is REAL TALK TUESDAY!

Have you heard the phrase: “show up even when you don’t want to and you’ll reach your goals”. What are your thoughts?

I believe that this is all well and all good, except for hyper achievers.

Enneagram 3s specifically or busy bees take this phrase and damage themselves further.

There is merit in showing up and fighting your limiting beliefs. 

However, that is not the problem for us. The problem is: not knowing when to stop.


Here it is: The never ending dilemma of am I pushing myself too hard or am I in need of a push. I often struggle with this dilemma of showing up when you don’t want to versus pushing yourself too hard.

Sometimes you don’t feel good; but other times it is a mental thing… as a hyper-achiever, I don’t often know the difference and it is fucking frustrating. 

One of my never ending battles is the laziness lie and always pushing myself to far. However, I do value hard work because I believe our successes come from doing during the times we may not want to. Showing up when we would rather not. So in my quest to figure out the balance, I wanted to hop on here with some tips.

Tip Number 1 : How to tell the difference? 

Check if your symptoms are physical or mental or both

  • Physical pain is obvious – stop fucking working when you are sick!
  • Mental pain is tricky. If the mental struggle is burnout symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, emotional drain, snapping, etc. stop working
  • If the mental pain is self doubt, worry, or fear of failure. Push through.

Tip number 2: Toxic productivity versus kicking ass and taking names

  • Ask self: are you just checking off items OR doing the things that propel you forward? 
  • When someone says show up when you don’t want to, they mean for your big scary goals. Show up before you are ready. 
  • Determine if you are doing at least one thing each day toward the BIG GOAL. 

Tip number 3: do the hardest thing FIRST. Then do whatever else you can.

Stop justifying the laziness lie in your head. Success can be achieved with rest and showing up when you don’t want to refers to limiting beliefs not actual need for rest!


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