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Okay friends – Let’s paint the picture of what this journey will look like. You, like any other person in your world, deserve time and attention. Just like you expend time and energy into others, you have to turn that lens onto yourself. Yet, many of us have a pretty broken, toxic relationship with ourselves. Many of us treat ourselves like shit. Many of us go so far as to abuse ourselves. 


The reason this occurs is that we have lost touch with who we truly are, and we have begun to live out our lives in someone else’s shoes. We have such a shitty relationship with ourselves that we do not even remember who we truly are anymore. 


This blog aims to be the next step in your journey toward self-acceptance. It aims to steer you in the direction of rekindling a true, and HEALTHY relationship with yourself. The first step in this journey is to get real with yourself, which I talked about last week. 


The next step in the journey is to repair that brokenness and form self-acceptance. 


*The sooner we accept ourselves, the faster we can get on with our lives and reach our highest potentials. That is it. That is the magic formula. I really want you to read that over and over and let it sink in.*


Why Self-Acceptance is Important 


Self-Acceptance is very important because fighting who you are can take many forms:

  1. Disconnection from yourself
  2. Low Self-esteem
  3. Binge eating
  4. Binge drinking 
  5. Toxic relationships 
  6. Depression
  7. Stress
  8. Overwhelm
  9. Lack of sleep 
  10. Feelings of guilt 
  11. Anxiety


And many more problematic patterns….


The reason lack of self-acceptance can cause this is because you are expending a lot of emotional energy to be something you are not constantly. You are in a metaphysical battle every day. It is TAXING. 


So, What is Self-Acceptance?


Let’s start with what it is not. 

It is not:

  1. Giving up
  2. Being okay with less than
  3. Settling 
  4. Resigning your fate


A lot of fitness people get all hung up in self-acceptance as if it is throwing in the towel. A lot of overachievers hate the word because it sounds like laziness. None of that is true. Actually, using the word self-acceptance can benefit you if you feel like…


  • Self-love is too woo woo for you
  • Self-love does not feel attainable because you are so far into self-hate
  • You are a realist and loving the heck out of yourself feels like a load of crap
  • Self-love feels a little bit like aliens have invaded your body and you need a more down to earth vibe


So let’s reclaim the word self-acceptance and learn what it is.  


It is…


  1. Working within your zone of genius. 
  2. Taking in all of your qualities, good and bad. 
  3. Doing a thorough assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and seeing the ways you can work within your strengths and bolster your weaknesses. 
  4. Owning who you are and recognizing that you are a human like everyone else; you deserve patience with yourself. 


Benefits of Self-Acceptance


By living in a space of self-acceptance, you will find the following benefits:


  1. Things feel like they just work out more often
  2. You have more joy in the simple things
  3. Work feels much more tolerable
  4. You do not resort to extreme measures
  5. You do not surround yourself with people who do not vibe with you
  6. Love feels more attainable 
  7. Self-esteem raises 
  8. Sticking to habits improves


And so many more…


How to Work on Self-Acceptance


Now, in traditional Kat fashion of giving you tangible steps, let’s go through a couple of ways in which you can begin this journey of actually liking yourself.


  • Journal about all the ways you freakin’ rock. Talk through all the things you really enjoy about yourself. If you have trouble coming up with a list, ask your best friend, parent, or significant other what they think. Jot those things down and hang that list on your wall. Seeing the ways you are awesome will remind you that it is quite crazy how you do not like yourself – look how awesome you are! 

  • Set an affirmation in your reminders in your phone that feels right to you; set it to go off every hour. Affirmations get your mind in the zone of positive self-talk not negative self-talk. They are like mini mental goals each day. Write something about self-acceptance that you feel deeply and resonates with you. Here are examples:
    • I accept that I am a human with both strengths and weaknesses. My goal in life is to simply harness those strengths and bolster those weaknesses, nothing more or less.
    • I know that who I am is pivotal to my success. By acting as anyone BUT me, I am ridding this world of my unique gifts.
    • To truly succeed, I know that I must start with myself. There is only one of me on this planet, and my work is to be the best version of me. 

  • Practice receiving compliments and not balking at them. When someone tells you that you seem happy today, reply back with a simple: “Thank you. I receive that.” Practicing receiving compliments opens you up to BELIEVING you are worth those compliments. 


Feeling Convinced That This is the Right Journey For You? 

If you are Craving More… Subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Instagram. I am in the midst of creating a new program set to launch in a couple months, and it will be all about walking through this journey, together. I knew that I had to get to know myself more and rekindle that relationship with myself in order to truly stop hating on myself and feeling stuck. This is where the birth of “being self savvy” occurred, and I hope to share it with many more people! <3


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