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Here you are – You made it to the part in the Being Self Savvy framework where you learn who to align all of the work you just did into a life that is working FOR you not against you. Now, it is about developing trust with yourself, acting as an autonomous being, and ultimately finding your path to optimization. 


Why is this important?


We often times live our days acting out of character without realizing it. We are actually SO DEEP INTO THIS QUAGMIRE that we do not even see the problem. We are constantly…


  1. Eating foods we do not want
  2. Drinking too much to be social
  3. Wasting our time on things we feel like we “should be doing”
  4. Putting others before ourselves
  5. Working out in ways we do not like
  6. Getting up at times that do not fit our bodies
  7. Dating people who we would be better off avoiding 


And many more things that show when we are out of alignment 


When you act our alignment, you end up:


  1. Feeling fatigued and burnt out quicker
  2. Developing resentment
  3. Lacking enjoyment throughout your day
  4. Developing guilt and anxiety 


And many other deleterious things 


How does this get so bad?


Well, as step 1 (being real with yourself) and step 2 (self-acceptance) discussed, we tend to lie to ourselves on the daily AND hate ourselves. So, how are we going to design lives FOR US if we are running from who we are? (See what I did there? See how it is all connected?)




You cannot optimize your life without the first two steps. You simply cannot. It is like trying to fine tune a car without having any tools and having literally never looked at a car before in your life. 


Face your shit, accept who you are… and let’s get to the optimization. 


How to Realign and Optimize


This step is easy. 


  1. Spend a week reflecting on all the things that give you energy. Create a list in your phone that says “FILLS ME UP” and list out all the things as they come up.

  2. Spend a week reflecting on all of the things that DRAIN YOU. Create a list in your phone that says “DRAINS ME” and list out all the things as they come up.




True Story from a client of mine: She would go back in her journal to check out what she did, and she often forgot the highs and the lows. We all do this. We are humans. We push away riff raff; but the riff raff is where you need to LIVE right now to optimize your life.


  1. Check back in on the “DRAINS ME” list. What can you remove, ask someone else to do, hire someone to do, or just change the way you do it? Simply taking away one draining task will make you feel like a rockstar. Starting with the “DRAINS ME” list will help you have the energy to add stuff in. You cannot add things in without removing resistance first.

  2. Check back in on the “FILLS ME UP” list. Now, you get to pick stuff on this list and multiply it in your life! This will make you feel like such a funny mc-funerton that you will not know what hit you. 


What This Does For You


You will find that realignment and optimization open up many doors for you. I like to call this the “success begets success principle.” 


  1. The Domino Effect: Once you fix one thing, you want to fix other things. 
  2. The Influence On Others Around You: You start attracting people with similar missionsets. No more friends who shit on you for abstaining from alcohol; suddenly you are in the middle of a group of dog walkers kicking ass and taking names. 
  3. You Start Paying More Attention: You raise your level of awareness AND STOP letting your ego and unconscious take the wheel. That is POWER baby.


What’s Next? 


Some people ask me what is next? Usually, at this point in the journey, you are craving more and yell asking: WELL, WHAT DO I ADD TO MY LIFE NOW THAT I KNOW I AM SUCKING AT BEING ME!? 


Valid question.


That is where Steps 4 and 5 come in! 


Step 4, which will be my next blog, centers about Getting to Know Self-Care.


Step 5, which will come in the next month, centers around Getting to Know Your Routine More Intimately and Forming Stellar Habits. You will start seeing the importance of tracking things, writing things down, and paying attention. You cannot skip the first three steps, however. Change takes time, and you have to start with rekindling your relationship with yourself and digging into what makes you YOU before any of the habit stuff will stick. 


Catch you on the flip-side friends! Email me, follow me on IG, or subscribe to my newsletter for more. 


<3 YOU ALL. 


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