I Just Want to be Happy

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What if I told you that you could truly have it all? You could reach the big goals, be the best at whatever you want to be, and be HAPPY?

After having numerous conversations with high achievers, I’ve come to the conclusion that at the end of the day everyone just wants to be happy. 

A lot of high achievers reach a point where they are so burnt out and overwhelmed that they feel like having it all is impossible. 

You keep busting through all these goals but continuing to get more and more frustrated because you’re feeling like: When will I ever be happy?! 

You push until you’re exhausted and then you eventually burn out. 

I have been there, believe me. You keep busting your booty to get to some end point then you reach it and then the next thing comes.


BUT – it does not have to be. It does not also have to be no achievements.


A lot of high achievers go through a rebellion phase once they burn out where they just say SCREW IT.

This comes out as either:

  • Eating whatever you want. 
  • Drinking whatever you want. 
  • Not following your routine.
  • Canceling all plans.

It is like one big EFF IT party. 

Then, you bounce back and realize you do actually like achieving and all of that, but you feel kind of lost on what that can look like, and you feel overwhelmed again. 

This is where I LOVE to work with my clients – when they are at this stage of the unknown – lost, confused and starting to feel overwhelmed with the “what’s next”. I don’t love this because of the struggle, but I love this because it is the point where your life is truly going to change.

You reach that point and know that getting all of these achievements isn’t going to make you happy and saying screw it to everything isn’t going to make you happy, so what is?

That is a good place to be. It is normal to go through that cycle. A lot of the best things in my life came out of the fall and release.

What we try too much to control has a way of controlling us.

So, if you are a high achiever in a place where you just want happiness – that is your ultimate goal – that is the real win. That is when things really get fun. This is when you start to realize that in order to be happy, we have to balance the extremes. Balance is key! 

So, don’t fret if you feel like your only goal is to be happy. Quite frankly. As a high achiever, you probably hit a lot of your external goals already. 

So, let’s get working on the internal. Where do you start? Well, you start with some self-care routines, some accountability, and some self-acceptance.

Need some extra help working through it? I’m here! I’ll help you do that internal work and choose happiness in a REAL way. This involves balance of work and play, having fun and working, bringing in joy in small ways, not just doing and thinking but also being and feeling! 


You can have days when there is no structure and days when there is a lot of structure, and still feel balanced and HAPPY. But you’ve got to start small, taking a little bit of time to slow down, get to know you and see what you actually want. 

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