How to Overcome Overwhelm

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The big focus of my 1:1 coaching is on overcoming overwhelm and getting you into a more happy life.

Some of you may be feeling a lack of control in your days; it is like they spiral out of control quickly and you cannot reign them back in OR you feel just anxious and awful for most of the day, worrying about what will come next. You replay interactions, to do lists, and other nonsense in your head constantly. 

The goal of coaching is to help those who are on the verge of burnout and feel like hot messes to gain some control over their lives and reclaim their schedules.

So let’s start with the beginning. 

Overwhelm means a lot to a lot of people – so let’s paint a picture of what this could look like:

You come into the space feeling lost, guilty more often than not; feeling pulled in a bunch of different directions; feeling like you are on a hamster wheel of emotions and ups and downs; feeling burnt out; feeling like you are doing so much but getting no where; you are over it quite frankly; you are probably going through the motions, dreading it every day.

Coaching aims to break this cycle through the following formula, which I have talked about in other blogs, but it has been condensed into three phases: 

1) Getting to reacquaint yourself with yourself.

Getting to know you again. This involves some self-acceptance and self-confidence work too.

Why do we start with something so basic? Well, what I do differently is not try to jump in and fix things. I try to understand the source of the problem. 

This step is crucial because we often have lost sight of ourselves in the process of overwhelm. It is important to come back to that, and I will be there guiding you the whole way. 

We set goals here and visions for your future. We take assessments to figure ourselves out more. 

Here is the bottom line:

If you are a person driven to outer accountability who is driven by achievement and fears incompetence, you will have different motives than someone who is rebellious, likes change, and fears stagnation.

If you try to work against yourself, by doing stuff that is out of alignment with these core fears and desires – it won’t stick. You wont be happy. This is why this is step 1. 

2) Getting to know self-care. 

 Now that you actually know yourself again; you know what you like and don’t like – you can now learn about self-care.

The overwhelm is starting to subside, you are ready to learn how this self-care stuff can work for you. 

You are now feeling a little bit more in line with yourself and your goals. Self-Care then is introduced, slowly, so that it becomes sustainable.

3) Getting to know your routine 

We audit your routine to see where we can plug in goals, organize better, and take out some resistance.

We bring in the routine audit and we talk through what you are doing too much of and what you are not doing enough of.

We make change sustainable. 

You should end your coaching time with me feeling more comfortable meditating, less anxious, and more organized and more happy/fulfilled; you will have more control of your days and you will be more productive because:


So – the best way to eliminate frantic overwhelm is to be: Action-oriented; have homework; and work on it together as a team for accountability and support 

Yeah you might get some Tough Love but… the real main ticket out is that this process is FUN too. Here is the final piece that makes me different.


The Single-Person Case Study

How I do it differently?

I make it sustainable. I break the woo woo down into bite sized chunks. But I also make it FUN. We do not have enough of that in our lives when we are stressed out.

So yeah – I still do a million things, I just ain’t miserable doing them. I allow you to still be YOU but just in a more sustainable way. And I allow you to have fun. 

Sustainability – to be sustainable means it has to be enjoyable – this is what makes you more productive and less overwhelmed. That is your ticket.

So, if this sounds FREAKIN AMAZING to you – check out more details HERE!


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