How to Get Rid of Feeling Stuck

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Nothing is worse than that feeling of stuckness in your mental health – when you are overwhelmed and stressed out, you sometimes feel immobilized! Well, here is one big thing you could do TODAY that will help propel you out of the mud pit…Decluttering.

Let’s start with the usual – some definitions…

Feeling stuck can look like:

  • Overwhelm day in and day out – you cannot even see a day where you are not overwhelmed.
  • The Hamster-Wheel of all-or-nothing activities – binge eating, restrictive dieting, binge eating, restrictive dieting
  • Over Drinking and getting hungover every weekend only to waste a weekend and then get to Monday and dread it.
  • Being so stressed and burnt out that you cannot imagine what it would be like to have a day off.
  • Feeling stuck with money where you take two steps forward one bill back – you make a big paycheck but then you get a huge bill – you can never get out of financial trouble or financial bad money mindset.

All of these situations describe feeling stuck – and they can feel NEVER ENDING.

Interestingly enough, we can hold ourselves into a stuck feeling without even intending to when we hold on to past versions of ourselves out of fear. For example:

  • We keep the clothes from 10 years ago because we hope to fit in them one day, but we have not fit in them for 10 years…. 
  • We put pictures of ourselves around of “happy times” 
  • We keep old furniture or items from the past because they “still work” – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality or it can be patched up mentality 
  • We walk past the same broken door each day because other things are more important… but…
  • We keep cans in the closet of food that we never will eat and could donate because we “spent money on it”

Read those again, how many of them can you relate to at one point or another?

How does that type of energy impact us? Really?

I will share a story in my own life that was truly propelling to me and motivating to me – and I did not even notice until after it was gone.

Back in January of this year, I was told by my coaches to get rid of old clothes…. I was so afraid.

I legitimately was holding onto stuff from 10 years ago in hopes I would be “skinny enough” But what did this tell my subconscious? It said: I was not okay as me now. I was not okay at any point the last 10 years.

I tossed 85+ items… and holy shit… my energy catapulted forward. I now had space for new items, I had energetic space to be me, and I felt like I let go of unrealistic expectations. 

Stuck energy literally suffocates you…. I then realized I had old furniture I did not need and could afford adult matching furniture – I was sitting in a bad body image and bad money mindset juju all over and was trying to work on 2.0 me.

We trap ourselves in our spaces… but could also set ourselves free from our confinement and spaces 

So, try something small today. Maybe it is your wallet you clear out or your closet. Whatever it is – I promise you – what you think is not impacting your subconscious is TOTALLY impacting your vibe.

In CBT therapy, they call this entering into the Behaviors, Feelings, Thoughts triangle – you can fix your thoughts, your feelings, or your behaviors – any change in one will impact the others. If your feelings and thoughts kind of suck right now, try changing your behaviors – the environments you put yourself in. 



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