Healthy Competition Vs. Unhealthy Competition

by Self-Care Tips

Hey all it is REAL TALK TUESDAY!

What is real talk Tuesday? Well back story – I am all about being real with myself and others. I own my space, and I really value the ownership of my space. That comes from a space of wanting to provide an authentic and honest environment – I believe that people don’t know what they don’t know and there is no use hiding or acting different than your truth. 

I hope these Real Talk Tuesdays will provide some honest truth and quick nuggets for you to take away with you. It will hopefully help you set up your mindset for each week with a little nugget to take with you and try out to see how it shifts your mindset and inner thoughts. 

So, let’s get started. 

Today’s topic is all about one of my core pillars which is the “creating a safe space” and “not shit talking other people” – which both relate to competition. 

Competition is a love/hate thing for me… being competitive has gotten me a long way. However, competition, if toxic, is detrimental to your self-care and also can lead to burnout, things I tend to like to talk about. 

Here is your truth bomb – to get ahead in life, it is actually better to support your competition rather than beat your competition. 


Yes – I know for some people in this world, they have always been where it is all “I have to be the BEST”; yet, Do you have to be a bubble of pushing people down to get ahead? 


So, in my real talk fashion – let me get real with you and say that you will get NOWHERE if you spend all your time trying to “keep up with everyone else” and “beat other people.”

It can help you in a short term goal, but in the long run it will burn you out. It ultimately always brings out the worst in you.

Healthy Competition can be good: It can be a motivator, a driver, a goal. If you look at competition like a drive to succeed and a motivator – awesome.

Unhealthy competition can come in when: You start talking negatively about others or putting yourself down; trying to undermine others; blocking off your abundance by being envious and feeling all the hurt feelings about WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE.

Focusing on what you do have, being the best YOU can be, and paving your own way is the way to win. It is the BEST way. It involves some drive and competition, but it does not mean you have to be #1. What is #1 anyway? You are #1 of being you and that is all that matters!

Your competition is proof that it is possible, not a demon to expel or a person to take down or someone to surpass. They are just an example of what is possible in this world. 

Alright. Kat… Out! Love you all.


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