Do You Schedule Fun?

by Self-Care Tips

Scheduled fun is something people often forget about when they think about changing their lives.

When you are a workaholic, addicted to achievements type of person – you don’t always think scheduling FUN as something you would need.

You think you need: more sleep, more time, more space, more money, less laziness, less distraction…


But, you also need more fun.


Let’s dive in. 


What does this look like?


Schedule fun is as it sounds – ensuring you SCHEDULE FUN into your life

This means that you make time for things you find fun the same way you make time for showering, walking your dogs, feeding your kids. You raise FUN to that level of importance.



Distracted versus FUN:


You demand that it is FUN not distracting. The difference between these two is a whole other topic… the point is that distracting and numbing yourself is not FUN.


Fun is fully feeling the moment and enjoying it. So, if something is numbing, do not schedule this for fun. Do not drink wine for fun or watch TV if this numbs you. Do not scroll IG if this is distracting you. Simply do something and devote all your intention to it to be fun. 


How do you incorporate it in your life? 


Journal about your loves: First and foremost, write out a list of all the shit you love to do. What literally makes you flip out with joy? Is it bowling? Is it video games? Is it watching a comedy show?


Calendar blocking/Block it Out: PUT THAT THING IN YOUR DAMN PLANNER. 


Pick a time frame that fits your life: Set a goal that makes sense; So, if you are working a 9-5, have kids, and you work a side job, this might be one day each week for an hour. If you have a part-time job and are in school, this might be 2 days for an hour. If you are chillin’ living the dream, maybe it is daily. I don’t know. I just want you to be realistic and make it happen for you. 


Tip – it will build on itself. You will want more fun, and you will create more space for it. But start small.  


Why is this important?


Now to the meat of it – this is so important because:


A life worth living is FUN. No one ever said: Man I want to be happy, rich, successful, and bored! 


Fun begets fun. If you intend to have fun, you attract more of it.


Nuff said.


You need fun like you need productivity.


Work and Play – let me get into a little Freud psyche stuff – Work AND Play are actually measures of balance in a person’s life according to the psychodynamic model. Someone could be working too much or playing too much. 


It is about balance my friends. 




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