Do You REALLY Not Have Time For Yourself?

by Self-Care Tips

Hey all it is REAL TALK TUESDAY!

Calling all frantically busy people! I am going to include myself in this because I was such a hot mess express today. The number one thing I hear from busy bees is that they have no time. They don’t have time to slow down. They don’t have time to meditate. They don’t have time to do all the things they want to do.

Let me slow you down and get real: Do you REALLY not have 10 minutes for yourself? I can see all the moms out there literally exiting this blog right now.

However, I want you to really sit with your day.


Okay so in harvest moon, your goal is to build your livelihood, tend for animals, keep your crops healthy, and socialize. You got a pretty badass life on a beach. However, you only get so many hearts each day of life.

Those hearts, once they die out, mean you literally collapse in a heap on the floor.

So, you have to be wise with your time. You got to tend to the animals and plants first, take breaks to eat so that you can fill up those hearts and regain them, and then socialize from time to time for breaks. You cannot work all day or you get a little XX on your eyes.

Our lives are like that. However, we do get those XX on our eyes! What we do get is anxiety, acne, and a desire to drink copious amounts of wine. 

Many don’t have balanced days – they have FRANTIC DAYS. We have to reposition ourselves into the action seat and get back our lives.

Therefore, how can you ensure you fuel up throughout the day and have energy? How can you make sure you are balanced?


Does this mean you get up earlier? Does this mean that you say no to that extra activity? Does this mean that you shut the door for 10 min during lunch time to meditate?

Okay, so now that you know WHY it is essential to make time for yourself. Let me go into why it is a load of crap that you “don’t have time.” 

Who here uses their phone FIRST THING IN THE MORNING?! 

Okay, shift that. Keep the phone on do not disturb. Those 10 min in bed are your ten minutes. BOOM. 

Who here checks emails compulsively as you get them or checks notifications as soon as they hit your phone? 

Turn off notifications. BOOM. 

Who here multitasks at the gym? Checks emails while lifting or texts friends? Okay. How about you shut off all things at the gym but music. You might find you get done with your gym session in 45 minutes versus 60 minutes.

BOOM – 15 minutes back baby.

Who here goes to the grocery store on a Sunday AM? THAT IS THE BUSIEST TIME WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!?

Go on Friday night. Boom. Time Saved. Sanity Saved. 

These are just a couple of examples and ideas, but I want you finish reading and I want you to picture your hearts.

I want you to journal about it and be honest with yourself about ways you could give yourself 10 minutes. 10 minutes is some WEAK SHIT GOAL IF YOU ASK ME. But let’s start there.

It also might help to do this exercise I had one of my clients do:

– set out post-its by your bed and write down an intention for how you want you day to FEEL or what you want to accomplish in your next day. IT will help you wake up less frazzled and more lazer focused on that one thing. 

I cannot tell you enough how important this is. Once you find a little, you will find more and more and open up so much more time. 

You cannot fill from an empty cup my friends.


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