You Deserve to See Yourself as the Strong and Powerful Person You Are

It’s my mission to help you break through BS the media throws at you so you can (re)-discover your worth and boldly create your most authentic and fulfilling life.

Kat Kiseli, Burnout Coach, NJ

I’m Kat Kiseli, Your Life and Burnout Coach

Once upon a time, Kat walked into a cubicle at the FBI at 7am after being up since 4am to workout and commute, only to work until 7pm and commute home… to drink wine and crash to do it all over again.

Like many high achievers, I was running on the never-ending hamster wheel, fearing failure, and like I would be seen as “less than” if I “gave up.”

But then… I failed.

I hit the wall known as burnout.

And yet, it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Pursuing Goals at the Expense of Your Wellbeing Is Not the Way to True Fulfillment

Hitting burnout allowed me the overdue space to stop.

I remember thinking: What is all this for? What is the point?

As someone who has personally experienced what happens when you take your wellness and mental health for granted, I’m fiercely committed to helping you find the balance before life forces you.


You deserve joy. You deserve peace. You deserve happiness – even if it means coming face-to-face with your darkness.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up…

Energized and ready for the day ahead.
Excited to experience all of life’s moments (the HUGE highs as well as strategies to handle the lows).
Knowing you have more than enough hours in the day.
With high self-worth and an inbuilt feeling of confidence.
Knowing your chronic anxiety and overwhelm is a thing of the past.
A vision for your future and a roadmap to get there.

This is possible. Let’s make it your reality.

Certified Life and Burnout Coach Kat Kiseli, New Jersey

But, There Is a Solution

I Want You to Live Every Day Present, Balanced, and Peaceful

Ignite Self-Awareness

Deep dive into getting to know YOU! We’ll uncover your true desires, values, and purpose. With this new self-awareness, you’ll be empowered to identify what’s been holding you back and what you truly want to achieve.

Find Balance

Now that you have a clear understanding of who you are, we’ll discover what you do daily. We’ll analyze your routine, habits, and life patterns to identify areas that may be draining your energy and disrupting the balance.

Unleash Inner Happiness

A personalized plan and self-care practices to bring balance and fulfillment to your day-to-day life. You’ll be equipped with the tools and techniques to help prioritize yourself, reduce stress, and increase joy. These practices will allow you to feel less anxious and become more present.

“Overwhelm isn’t a sign you’re doing too much, but a sign you’re not letting yourself do less